TBTo the Screen

"Confidence" (2003)

Gritty. Heart-racing. Violent. That’s just the first five minutes of the film. Actor after actor appeared on the screen as Jake (Edward Burns) is recapping to his soon to be killer the last three weeks of his life. Morris Chestnut. Paul Giamatti. Donald Logue. Rachel Weisz, who has a weak American accent and plays a con artist.

LA is the place of corruption for crooks from the East Coast. Jake meets a well-known crime boss The King (Dustin Hoffman), who may have been an Orbit gum spokesperson in his past life. Anyway, each minute detail of a bank heist is told. With the addition of Lily (Rachel Weisz) and Lupus (Franky G) to the crew, the plan either has fissures or goes smoothly, definitely not the latter.

“Confidence” is stylish, well-written and well-acted drama full of entertaining twists.