TBTo the Screen

"Snow Cake" (2006):

“Have you ever had an orgasm?”-Linda
“It has been known.”-Alex

The film begins with the interaction between Alex (Alan Rickman) and Vivienne (Emily Hampshire). Vivienne is purple haired, outgoing and carrying everything she owns. Alex has his novel, car keys and maybe a credit card. Through their chance meeting, life changed that quickly.

The film moves with pure grace and struggle. It is also so simple and powerful. The monologue Linda (Sigourney Weaver) has explaining the use of a made up Scrabble word is breathtaking.

How Alan Rickman can transform into a character is incredible. Alex is not Professor Snape in a scarf. It is truly an emotional performance. Sigourney Weaver as Linda is astounding. It is not just Sigourney playing a person with autism. It is her being a character and translating it to make the audience connect with her. Carrie-Anne Moss is the greatest “prostitute” next door ever and a great part of this small cast.

There was almost no music in the film but complimented each scene. This film is about life and the emotions we feel as humans. Reflection, remorse, guilt, happiness. The camera detail is essential, showing Vivienne putting fries on her burger. In the end, this film stands alone in achieving multiple genres.

Side Note: Alan Rickman would have been amazing as Nigel from “The Devil Wears Prada.”