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"Colin Fitz Lives!" (1997):

“What are the first three letters of funeral?”-Grady

If Tupac needs a friend while laying low on whatever island he’s on these days, maybe he should give Colin Fitz a jingle, since Colin Fitz is presumably alive.

Paul (Matt McGrath) and Grady (Andy Fowle) are security guards hired to watch over the grave of Colin Fitz, a cult rocker with a deep fan base from Sweden, whose death was at its fifth anniversary. They should have spent more time finding the missing pets of the town. No beer is the constant rule Grady is told but he leaves the grave to buy a pack anyway. Two guys who are complete opposites begin to understand each other with issues and leave the cemetery with possibilities.

In a fan remembrance video, you will see a Towers Records.

Chris Bauer and John C. McGinley have small roles. William H. Macy is just so wonderful as Mr. O’Day. He is the consummate actor. Martha Plimpton is Ann, one of the fans who explains why Colin Fitz’s grave must be guarded. Kristen Johnston and Marley Shelton remember Colin Fitz in hilariously dramatic fashion.

The film feels dragged out for a primary setting in a cemetery. This film could have been a British comedy since you know Americans like to borrow stories and ideas from them. This film is on a thin line between cult classic and just plain ole bad. It was very quirky with quotable moments. Don’t be surprised if all of a sudden you are craving Entenmann’s desserts! What kind of snacks would Paul Blart bring if he were protecting a semi-famous person’s grave?