TBTo the Screen

“Designing Woman” (1957)

Lauren Bacall’s wardrobe and Gregory Peck’s swagger stroll this film through the cinematic park. Marilla (Lauren Bacall) is not just a woman with impeccable style but with naiveté, wit and confidence. Also, having impeccable style is apart of her career as she is a designer. Mike (Gregory Peck) is a sportswriter who gets caught up with the wrong people. Mike and Marilla marry while on vacation but before they get their feet back in New York, the trials and tribulations of being a married couple began.

I long for films with costumes because it shows how people took time in their appearance. Even the swimsuits and cover-ups by The Beverly Hills Hotel pool were so chic. Also, a time when a kiss on the cheek was so sensual and on the lips? well, down right forbidden.

The film has violence (as deemed of the time), humor, love and conflict. Maxie Stoltz (Mickey Shaughnessy) is the craziest yet caring character I have seen on film, chosen to protect Mike in his troubles yet Maxie could barely take care of himself. I loved the quick pace of the film. One of those films you would catch at a theater one afternoon.