TBTo the Screen

"All Good Things" (2010)

The film is dark and brooding spanning from the early seventies to 2000. Katie (Kirsten Dunst) is a promising young woman who falls hopelessly and helplessly in love with David (Ryan Gosling), the “tortured” son of a wealthy real estate tycoon, Sanford Marks (Frank Langella). When David begins working in the family business, murder and disappearances unravel a once happy relationship.

It is no question as to why Ryan Gosling is attracted to unusual characters. He is also striking in his role. Frank Langella is prolific in his role. Lily Rabe and Nick Offerman, in a emotional role, were greatly apart of the supporting cast. Kristen Wiig, who played Laura, friend to Katie, gave new meaning to “Come and meet me in the bathroom stall, and I’ll show you why you deserve to have it all.”

The wealthy soirees David’s family threw had slick haired tuxedoed men and women in coiffed dresses and heels. The low-key home dinners at Katie’s family’s house had family members in long printed dresses and leisure suits. The parties and get togethers showed some of the divide in David and Katie’s relationship, as even Katie admitted she didn’t know David.