TBTo the Screen


Any film about or featuring Former President Richard Nixon has a powerful word in the title. Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams are two high school girls, Betsy and Arlene, who on a school trip to the White House inadvertently become dog walkers and expose the biggest scandal of the 70s, Watergate.

Will Ferrell, in one of the more “quiet” roles of his career, is Bob Woodward, a DC reporter trying to be the first to deep throat Watergate. He gets in contact with the girls who are more ditzy than a bowl of stale blonde hair but pull Bob’s typewriter along. Ryan Reynolds has a quick role as a simple-minded jock.

This film is so well imagined and also nostalgic fun against what really happened in the scandal. What makes this film such a great satire are the little nuisances like the feel good Hello Dollies cookies that Betsy thinks are made special by her family but are a recipe on the back of a box. Both Michelle and Kirsten have come a way since this film but unlike most actors with regrettable roles, their roles in this film are defining to their career. Dan Hedaya, as so ever, plays angry as the title character. Long live Dick! Peace!