"TBTo the Screen"

Night Shift (1982):

If life hasn’t put you in a hearse, you use it to run a prostitution ring.

Chuck (Henry Winkler) has been put on the night shift at the morgue. He believed that after six years he was getting a promotion. He is engaged to a woman who doesn’t have the decency to wear a hair scrunchie when she exercises.

Bill (Michael Keaton) livens up the office in his Chinese pattern synthetic jacket that is quite fly. Bill’s idea for a joint prostitution venture intrigues Chuck, who then employs pre-Excel skills for their lucrative business. Belinda (Shelley Long) met Chuck after her pimp died. When Belinda was having an *ahem* session, Chuck found out they were neighbors. Love and business usually don’t mix but made for a great climax.

The film has a great hilarity in the story of prostitution and the set at a morgue. Also answering the question: Could prostitution be a business with benefits? Henry Winkler is reteamed with Ron Howard. Oh Happy Day! Richard Belzer as a dead pimp’s assistant makes for “Oh Em Gee” casting. The energy and eccentricity Michael Keaton delivered as Bill could be the reason he was casted as Beetlejuice. Burt Bacharach as the score artist is just beyond. As ever the character in film, New York is the vibration in the thick night beat. Writers Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel tell a sarcastically playful story that captures what trading places can do to seize life.