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A Day Without A Mexican:

“Mi Casa Es Su Casa” may be the longest sentence Americans can speak in Spanish. Culture and ignorance are mixed in a stone bowl as this mockumentary marks the fear if undocumented Mexican workers vanished.

California becomes essentially its own continent, a heavy mystery fog around the state. Mexicans, undocumented or not, try to assimilate with the standards of surviving in America. News anchor and Mexican American Lila Rod(riguez) doesn’t want to just report about anything involving Mexicans, even if they are in fact Guatemalan or Puerto Rican. There is an interracial couple, a California Senator and Border Patrol among the entities and casts of characters.

There is no major distributor for this film. “A Day Without A Mexican” holds elements for a story that a true to current events. If Geraldo Rivera would watch this film, maybe the world could be a better place. Ha!

Side Note: Florida, Arizona, Michigan or Pennsylvania could be interesting states to feature if there was a sequel.