TBTo the Screen

"Waiting for Guffman" (1997)

I had never seen a Christopher Guest written film. *pause for reaction* This film, co-written with Eugene Levy, who also stars in the film continued to shape the satirical and mockumentary genres for film. The story focuses on the casting of the play based on the history of fictional Blaine, MO. The townspeople live ordinary lives. Libby Mae Brown (Parker Posey) is a teen working at Dairy Queen. Dr. Alan Pearl (Eugene Levy) is the neighborhood dentist. Sheila and Ron Albertson (Catherine O”Hara and Fred Willard) are travel agents who have never been outside of Blaine. None of the townspeople would dare to leave their beloved town. The casting of the play surges excitement through the town. Despite the drama and egos, the play encourages a few of the characters to leave Blaine and explore outside of what they know. Each of the actors brought their top notch delivery of humor to carry out their character. Christopher Guest brings everything to casting director and women’s shoe connoisseur Corky St. Clair.

Today, “Portlandia” would be most similar to this film as the show has eclectic characters telling inspired sarcastic stories.