Book On It

“Where is your bookmark?”

My bookmark is in the novel, “The Proposal” by Jasmine Guillory. For the sake of winter, I will say this novel is a cozy blanket read instead of a beach read. Nikole has been dating a man named Fisher for five months. He is beautiful but that is the only attractive feature from an otherwise vapid and selfish man. Fisher proposes to Nikole at Dodger Stadium, one of the most widely known venues in the world. To Nikole’s shock and confusion, she says no. With the aftermath of the proposal (see what I did there) and new found friends, Nikole finds herself making personal changes, one which may find her in a new romance.

I am only a few pages in yet I am enthralled by the action from Nikole’s emotions, her friends Courtney and Dana, who are independent women of color and and the real world of relationships, love and fun. I am a bit turned off by the excessive need to mention LA “stereotypes”. I am a sensitive Los Angeleno. Nonetheless, if that is the worst part of the book, there is much more to enjoy and experience from the page.