"Book On It "

I am reading “The Accidental Billionaires,” the novel that was adapted for the film, “The Social Network.”

Vogue: The Editor’s Eye: Let’s bring back coffee table books shall we? However, the word “book” pales in comparison to this capsule of photos from the iconic editors of this visual jewel. Rooney Mara, from her first photo spread in Vogue, prefaces what you will view in this tome. If you do read the essays, the words about Carlyne Cerf de Dudzele and Grace Coddington were the best.

The Mayor Of Castro Street: This in-depth biography about honorary Castro Street mayor and political game changer Harvey Milk is a complete page-turner. I longed for San Francisco and gained a continued interest in learning about the movement of equality for the LGBT community.

Palo Alto: I found this collection of short stories to be a wave of good and very bad. The characters all seemed to run into each other and there was little for the imagination. This book, written by James Franco, does tell of the city where he is from and if anything it is a good vacation for the mind.