"Book On It"

A moment that is still while time continues to move in motion should not just be called a picture. World Architecture: The Masterworks by Will Pryce focuses on ornate and unique structures from France to India to La Jolla, images of structures that hold your eye and leaves you breathless with the fact that this exist outside your backyard….and images that I devoured. Structures from the early 13th century that look current. I need to start looking at more books of images. I have read two, featured below, that make me want to go to the display at the library and read the many books of images on a variety of subjects.  If only the library was open 24/7, for me, it would be like a trip to 7/11.

I Dreamed a World: Portraits of Black Women Who Changed America. Photographs by Bryan Lanker with a foreword by Dr. Maya Angelou.

The title is so specific and truly embraces women who have paved their own way and for generations to make their own way. A must have collection for a beautiful coffee table that is a wonderful conversation starter.

Pop. Edited by Mark Francis. Survey by Hal Foster.

One of the only books I had to purchase as a class requirement that I kept for my bookshelf. The cover alone is a mix of classic images worthy of any wall. Artwork from different eras including the 50s and 60s, it is very cool to see how images created movements. It was also cool to view the advertising used for tuna cans or stockings. With the season premiere of “Mad Men” this weekend, Pop is a great book to look at with the appeal that is unique to its time.