"Book On It"

There are three authors who have books that dominate my reading list: Mark Doty, Charles Bukowski and Nora Ephron. I loved the work that these three authors were able to put together, one book of theirs I read and didn’t put down. That book is what made me add more of their work onto my reading list. Below is just one book from each of the authors respectively that caught my attention once again and I can’t wait to get my hands on.

My Alexandria: I haven’t read a great poetry book in a very long time and was probably written by Shel Silverstein. Reading some of the reviews for this book on GoodReads sealed the deal for me. I want to read more poetry books as well as memoirs. Maybe I will read this book in celebration of his birthday on August 10th, which is the same day as my birthday.

What Matter Most is How Well You Walk Through Fire: Most of Charles Bukowski’s books sound like an episode title for “One Tree Hill.” Very moody and packed with life lessons. After reading “Post Office,” I think that I added every book that Charles has ever written. I can’t remember how I came across Charles work but all I know is that I am glad to be able to read his incredible work.

Wallflower at the Orgy: The title grabs a hold of my attention and after reading “I Feel Bad About My Neck,” this book is going to be perfect for me as I am sure that it truly uses humor to discuss pain, triumph and life.