"Book On It"

Aww High School, a time of bliss, harmony and growth. And a little pain, shame and gain but who’s thinking about that? I read some of the best books inside and outside of the classroom, three of which I hold in my literary memory:

A Streetcar Named Desire: Tennessee Williams uses his mastery of language and writing of character struggle. A classic in its own right, the play is also filled with angst, passion and suspense that gives students the ‘desire’ to use literature as a reference for their teenage ‘so called life.’

A Piece of Cake: This memoir makes “A Million Little Pieces” look like a perfect picture frame. Cupcake Brown details her life experiences which only attends to the fact that it is astounding to believe she is still alive. A gripping read that will make you feel exhilarated after closing the book after you have probably absorbed it in one sitting.

What Looks Like Crazy On An Ordinary Day: I did a class project on this book my sophomore year, a monologue based on the main character, Ava Johnson who while at her popular hair salon is revealed by a customer that she has HIV. A homecoming allows Ava to improve her relationship with her older sister, Joyce, regain trust in her life through past experiences and have potential with a love interest. This novel gives the discovery of what people think HIV can take away from their life.