"Book On It"

I just started reading, “Detroit: An American Autopsy” and with a prologue so profound, this book was worth the wait.

As I was looking through my GoodReads list of books I have read, I decided that because Mother’s Day is next Sunday I would talk about novels and a memoir about women with struggles and tragedies that yet pull them forward. Yay mothers!

The Hours: I first saw the film when I was eleven years old with my mother and grandmother. It was nothing we expected. After watching the film again almost ten years later and finding out it was adapted from the Pulitzer Prize winning novel, I read it and felt a great sense of joy because of the authentic characters author Michael Cunningham created. Time does go by so slowly for these women. The women: Virginia Woolf, a late 40s housewife named Laura Brown and Clarissa Vaughan, a modern day poet, lived their own lives but are connected. It is truly a brilliantly layered story and may make you skip to the next part to continue reading what is happening in that woman’s life.

Like Water for Chocolate: One of the best novels I read in high school, my senior year to be exact, is also one of the most sensual. Food is not the only spellbinding aphrodisiac in this wonderfully crafted and imaginative novel. Love and lust are the key ingredients that secretly givse Tita, the youngest daughter of the De La Garza family who by tradition has to take care of her mother until she dies and is forbidden to marry, the seduction to pull in Pedro, the man she is in love with. A great use of family tradition that is very modern and also stirring.

Girl Interrupted: A very thoroughly accounted memoir by Susanna Kaysen. Her description of the mentally ill as people who have just a little more to work through attributes to the current climate of mental health in America. The time of this memoir in the late 60s with war and unrest makes this memoir a treasure as it captured on the pages of thought, discovery and honesty.