"Book On It"

"Home Fire" by Kamila Shamsie is a fascinating and timely read. My bookmark does not stay in this novel for long. The novel focuses on Isma, a Muslim woman on a student visa in America. She is responsible for her siblings, who are in London, after their mother was murdered and their father was also murdered due to terrorist activity. It is timely for bringing humanity to the world I live in reading this book and when the book is closed. Also written with humor, passion and consequences. 

I'm gearing up to listen to "Little & Lion" by Brandy Colbert. I am digging young adult novels for I find them to have more substance than some adult novels. Suzette is home in Los Angeles from her prep school in New England. She is juggling responsibilities to her friends, family and her brother, Lionel, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I'm interested to learn where the responsibilities lead Suzette and what that entails while she is back home.