"Book On It"

"The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks" by Jeanne Theoharis is an outstandingly detailed biography about the matriarch of the Civil Rights movement. Forming her as more than the quiet woman she was perceived by the world to be. The book boasts one of the best introductions I have read in a long time. It outlines that Rosa Parks archives are holed up in an auction house, thus why Theoharis did not have access to certain details for Rosa Parks. Nonetheless, this book is a page turner!

My bookmark is making its place in "When Morning Comes" by Arushi Raina. It is a YA novel about a girl named Zanele and with her best friends Thabo and Meena who begin a series of events that lead to an eventual rebellion in Johannesburg.  

I'm listening to "Text Me When You Get Home" by Kayleen Schaefer which cleverly educates the history of female friendship with great references. I relate to the title so much because my friend told me for years to text her when I got home, which let me know she loves me!