"Book on It"

My bookmark is firm in the book "Locas" by Ytxa Maya Murray. I picked up this novel on a trip to the Los Angeles Central Public Library. Every time I go to this library (which I like to think of as my home away from home), I go straight to their wonderful section of classic novels. This novel is about two teenage girls, Cecilia and Lucia, in 1980's Echo Park rife with drugs in the pursuit of power and loyalty. The poetic tone makes it a page turner and is an extraordinary book for a read into their culture. 

I am finishing "The Night Diary" by Veena Hiranandani on audiobook. I am planning out a middle grade novel thus why I am inspired to read this book and understand how to speak to the audience I am writing for. The story focuses on Nisha, a girl who writes diary entries to her deceased mother about the turmoil and hope during 1947 when India became independent from Britain. This novel is ripe with knowledge, words that grab your mind and emotion that fuels your soul. I am amazed that this novel beautifully educates and connects once again to culture and to family.