"Book On It"

My bookmark is firmly placed in "Eunice" by Eileen McNamara. This stunning biography profiles one of the daughters of an American dynasty from early childhood to her schooling in London and the motivation to be a powerful voice for the Special Olympics. The biography also boasts a stellar introduction for a incredibly bright and bold woman. 

I am getting ready to start listening to "Norma" by Sofi Oksanen. I found this book on my library's bookshelf but my stack of books grew taller and taller. I listen to audiobooks much faster than I read so one less book is in my stack. I was intrigued by the grounding of the setting from the first page. In a synopsis, Norma discovers she has supernatural powers through her hair. The story is poised to be a dark family drama. I'm interested to see where it goes!

I finished "The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks" by Jeanne Theoharis last week. I will be buying that book to read over and over again. This is a fascinating and thorough read.