"Book on It"

For the past three days, I have not been able to put down "Where You Go is Not Who You'll Be" by Frank Bruni. Even as I eat dinner. He writes about the college application process and the  skewed idea that college students who attend Ivy League schools will be set for their careers. However, Bruni interviews several top leaders in their industries including Dick Parsons, Howard Schultz and Bobbi Brown about their educational backgrounds. I admire the idea that even if a student does not attend an elite school, it does not deter them from success. It is about the experience they attain while in school, especially at schools people have not heard of. This book also piqued my interest because I am a student mentor working with a student who is tuning out naysayers because of the school she chose to attend for college. 

I am listening to "Eloquent Rage" by Brittney C. Cooper. It is her memoir about being a black feminist. She is reading her book with fire and honest. As I continue to embody intersectionality as a young black woman, I am also learning whose opinions I value and whose experiences I can relate to as I navigate existence in the world. Between this book and "This Will Be My Undoing" by Morgan Jerkins, I am being lead on a strong path of understanding what I embody.