"Book On It"

Since Serena Williams spoke in Vogue about her near death experience during childbirth, a conversation has heightened about black women and their stories of pain while in labor, often ending in death. A part of the conversation is also the lack of health care options in general. Following this fascinating conversation at a broader perspective about believing women's pain is highlighted in the book "Ask Me About My Pain" by Abby Norman. In this memoir, Abby details her traumatic childhood and the physical pain she endured well into adulthood. Abby's pain impacted her ability to continue school but further the trauma because of the misplaced diagnoses from doctors. 

I am listening to "Caramelo" by Sandra Cisneros. It is a sweeping story about family in a dynamic where every member has a story. It is taking my mind on a fun and insightful whirlwind with imagination and emotion. Cisneros reads her story with vigor in a bilingual tongue.