"Book On It"

"Where is my bookmark? Which audiobook are my headphones plugged into?"

I am smiling through "The Sky is Everywhere" by Jandy Nelson. Lennie is reeling from the death of her sister, Bailey and developing a connection between two boys, Toby and Joe. I am reveling in the dynamic between Lennie and Gram. Bailey is remembered in flashbacks and highlights her relationship with Lennie. Young Adult novels pull me in from the emotion. This story is not sugar coated and told smoothly amidst the complications of the characters lives. 

"The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho is a book I have seen for years as an inspirational story that has changed lives. Naturally, as I am a curious person, I felt the book was a must read. I decided to look up the audiobook version and lo and behold, Jeremy Irons reads the book!