"Book On It"

"Where is my bookmark? Which audiobook are my headphones plugged into?"

After months of sitting on my shelf, likely because I did not have to take the book back to the library, I am reading "Gem of the Ocean" by August Wilson. It is a rare treat for me to read a play. The play is a part of Wilson's collection of extraordinary work. 

I downloaded "Born Round" by Frank Bruni. Bruni used to be the New York Times restaurant critic. I am looking forward to a humorous and informative read of his memoir. 

Over the weekend, I met with my student mentee and another mentor/mentee pairing at the Grand Central Market in Los Angeles. On my walk with sweat dripping on my forehead, I thought "Oh my goodness, I get to go to the Central Public Library!" I browsed my favorite section at the library, the classics. I picked up three books I look forward to reading in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!