"Book On It"

“Where are your bookmarks?”

I have a bookmark in the biography, “Arthur Ashe: A Life” by Raymond Arsenault. When I picked it up from the library, my eyes nearly fell out of its sockets. It is a tome. The writing compliments the greatness of the subject. I am placed into history through the rise of Ashe. I only know so much about him, which makes me eager to read more about the man who has a park named after him near where I grew up.

I have another bookmark in the novel, “How To Be An American Housewife” by Margaret Dilloway. I planned to listen on audiobook then it was too long. I saw this book at my local library’s bookshelf and thought it was fate to read it. Shoko grows accustomed to American ideals as she left Japan after marrying a GI. Secrets, family and revelations are the themes carried in the novel for an intricate read.