Book On It

“Where is your bookmark?”

My bookmark is in the novel, “Beebo Brinker” by Ann Bannon. I loved the story’s beat in “I Am A Woman.” Once I found out Bannon wrote a book series, I immediately added the novel I’m reading to my library checkout. Beebo is one of the most intriguing characters in “I Am A Woman,” who is the title character of the novel I’m reading. Are you keeping up with the details?!

Beebo Brinker is a queer woman navigating New York City from her homely upbringing in Wisconsin. She begins to develop an alluring attitude with the company she keeps. I am mostly fascinated by these books because they were written in the late 50s and early 60s. That era was ripe with exploration in identity and culture. These themes feel risqué or revolutionary to illuminate in literature today. The pace of the novel breezes on the page as the characters come alive.