"Book On It"

“Where is your bookmark?”

My bookmark is in the novel, “The Living is Easy” by Dorothy West. Cleo Judson is a Southerner turned Northerner living in Boston. She is a fair-skinned black woman, upset by her daughter’s dark skin, in control of her husband, Bart and eager to live in Brookline to showcase her wealth status.

The novel, published in 1948, is timely as colorism, race, class, among other societal topics, are discussed. I was engrossed in the novel about twenty pages in for the world West created for Cleo and her family. Heartbreak, childhood trauma and jealousy are among the themes prevalent in the novel. West’s writing is also incredibly poetic. I quietly reacted with an “uh huh” as I absorb the story. Most of her sentences I read twice in order to understand the depth. The title of the novel is quite telling.