"Book On It"

“Where is your bookmark?”

My bookmark is in the novel, “Tangerine” by Christine Mangan. Browsing the shelves at my local library, the book spine caught my eye. Reading the first sentence, I knew it would be a good read.

In the story, Alice is spending time in Morocco (a place I am hoping will be my next travel adventure) when she meets John. The first few pages detail the insatiable allure of Tangier as Alice meets John. Later in the story, Alice sees Lucy. The connection between them was bright and for some time has been complicated. When John goes missing, Alice questions her well-being and further her connection to Lucy.

I told myself last year I will read more mystery books. Alas, I have not read many books in the genre that held my attention. Now, I get to pick back up on my word and dig into this story. Also, I am hoping for any reference to where the novel got its title from.