"Book On It"

“Where is your bookmark?”

My bookmark is in the novel, “A Million Junes” by Emily Henry. It reads like a YA version of “Hatfields & McCoys.” June has been told her whole life to stay away from the Angert family. Do not breathe their name. If you are in the middle of a sundae and an Angert walks into the shop, throw the ice cream away and leave in the other direction. When Saul Angert, who is older than June, starts to make a connection with her, June begins to rebel from the narrative she has known about the Angert family.

Reading the novel, I further establish my love for YA. The stories get to business. They are experimental in plot and language yet read as someone simply telling you a story. YA also boasts great secondary characters. This story is no different as Hannah is June’s best friend, who also has a crush on a longtime classmate and is an ambitious high school senior.