"Book On It"

“Where is your bookmark?”

Well, I am in the less than 100 pages away from finishing “With The Fire On High” by Elizabeth Acevedo. Emoni is a high school senior, a mother, and a culinary goddess. Bounded at times by her responsibility as a mother, her fraught relationship with her father, a fragile relationship with Tyrone, her baby’s father, and a budding relationship, Emoni also deals with the trials of impending adulthood. Her bond with ‘Buela is fierce. This novel is juicy. I cannot wait to turn the page. I did not even blink when I saw the book is 388 pages. I want more, like a slice of sweet potato pie. The layers of the novel are succinct and only progress the story. All of the characters have meaning. It has also been a while since I talked to characters in a novel. YA novels are truly doing thangs (yes that’s how I meant to spell that word) simply most novels are not.

Because I am about to finish “With The Fire On High,” my bookmark will be in the novel, “Baltimore Blues,” by Laura Lippman. I listened to Lippman on “Fresh Air with Terry Gross.” I enjoyed learning about her writing process and how Baltimore is a pivotal setting for her novels. I am continuing to find a foot in reading different genres, particularly crime and mystery. I also thought of reading more book series, which I feel Lippman’s writing will be a great start.