"Book On It"

“Where is your bookmark?!”

A library I go to has an extraordinary selection of Toni Morrison’s work. I must confess I was challenged reading her novels. While the plot is streamlined, the writing is not spoon fed. It is a preparation to understand the intention of the plot and the character’s wants and motivations rooted in a reality of tragedy. Because of this, I have reserved reading her books. The outpouring of love and remembrance of her work gave me the responsibility, as a lifelong reader and writer, to rediscover her work.

My bookmark is in the novel, “Sula.” Set in Medallion, OH, Sula and Nel were childhood friends who grew into having a bond withstanding the trials and tribulations of becoming young adults. Later in life, their lives veer into different directions, leaving them to understand their lives as individuals. Seeing a review from Playboy that lauds the novel was interesting and eye-opening, given the nature of the magazine. Still, it regards the high esteem of Toni Morrison’s unapologetically fierce writing.