"Book On It"

More Books. Less Papercuts.

The Feminine Mystique: Fulfillment is restricted in a tight green checker patterned apron. Betty Friedan loosens the strings to discover women in their definitive role that isn’t always easy to pinpoint. Complimented to this book is “The Feminine Mistake” by Leslie Bennett and the film “Mona Lisa Smile.”

At the Fights: Inside a book that can serve as its own coffee table begins with a rousing forward by Jim Lampley. Through catching photography and short accounts from boxers, trainers, judges and promoters, detailed are the emotions and invigoration that run deep and revealed is the rumble and float of a sport called boxing. Edited by Howard Schatz.

Moneyball: From the sports writing great Michael Lewis is the story of Billy Beane and his out of the park approach to recruiting for the Oakland A’s with a small budget. Accounts from baseball players who experienced the process give the book a strong balance of reporting and biography.

I am reading “Shopgirl” by Steve Martin.