"Book On It"

I am reading “One Day It Will All Make Sense” by Common and Adam Bradley.

Dead Until Dark: The first book of The Sookie Stackhouse series is a succulent cutthroat vision. Small town mind reader Sookie is blonde, naïve and well a mind reader, which makes her an outcast to everyone except close friends, co-workers and her boss-who-wants-to-jump-her-bones Sam. The story turns as vampires begin to walk in the world and forever changes the people of Bon Temps and television with the wild show, True Blood.

My Friend Leonard: The companion book to the hotly debated story of A Million Little Pieces is a messy road of James and Leonard learning and working through difficult times of drugs, death and alcohol, which has shattered their lives.

Siddhartha: A lily on the pond read is a spiritual journey of a self-discovery for the titled character through Buddhism. Basically an original Eat, Pray, Love.