"Book On It"

More Books. Less Papercuts.

Purpose: The most multi-cultural, bizarre and spiritual memoir you will read is the score for one of the most innovative musical wunderkinds, Wyclef Jean. Written with Anthony Bozza.

Muscle Car: Classic. Cool. Cultured. Cars that have changed generations are revved up by brand and type and showcased in stunning action photographs with details that bring knowledge that these beauties are more than meets the eye. By Peter Henshaw.

A Separate Peace: Set during World War II at a New England boarding school, two friends Gus and Phineas learn in one summer what will change them for the rest of their lives, which sets the name of the title. A known classic and another unmentioned high school read. By John Knowles.

I am reading “The Pretty One” by Lucinda Rosenfeld.