"Book On It"

More Books. Less Papercuts.

Trouble & Triumph: T.I. creates a multi-culture backdrop as two lifelong friends grow in different directions but hold onto each other like Krazy Glue. Sensual as it is gritty, you may want to have your passport handy.

Elephant: A Cultural and Native History: Edited by Karl Groning and Martin Saller is a spanning collection of striking photos putting a close-up on elephants over generations. Graphic in many photos, presence and nature are in the hat Babar style.

Election: Let’s give this book a vote for one of the best adaptations EVER! Sarcasm is the beholder from the mind of Tom Perrotta about decisions, decisions and sex in competitive high school student government.

I am reading “The End of San Francisco” by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore.