"Book On It"

More Books. Less Papercuts.

The Pretty One: In a similar vein of “The Family Stone” with a touch of “The Virgin Suicides,” Olympia, Perri and Gus are sisters connected by humor, damage and superlatives. Hilariously sarcastic and breathtakingly crazy with travel and connection. By Lucinda Rosenfeld.

Great and Mighty Things: A extensive look at forms of outsider art from the collection of Jill and Sheldon Bonovitz are showcased in this catalogue. Published by Philadephia Museum of Art with Yale University Press. Edited by Ann Percy with Cara Zimmerman.

The Third Life of Grange Copeland: The title character in Alice Walker’s first novel endures emotional distress to search for a better life he believes will come from leaving home but it is only when he returns that the lessons of life were in his roots.

I am reading “My Alexandria” by Mark Doty.