"Book On It"

I am reading Motherless Brooklyn by Jonathan Lethem.

Practical Water: A vivid collection of poetry rooted in surreal, serene specificity. Nature poetry may sound like trying to rhyme a word with “grass” while Jack Hanna sits at a typewriter but that it is not. Brenda Hillman continues to bring this genre to life, as this book is the third in a series. Her poems demonstrate why poetry is so beloved and moving in time. 

The Abstinence Teacher: Tom Perrotta understands life. He may know a little something about high school and suburbia and sex. This novel about an abstinence high school teacher who moves from the curriculum has her job on the line, her love life on the plank and her morals in peril. Ruth, that’s the name of the main character, is not the only character that will leave you questioning society in a culture where sex sells. With more complicated characters than half of the Lifetime movies, life imitates art in a great keystroke.

Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance: If President Obama lost the first time he ran for being leader of the free world, he could have been a Communications professor. This book confirms my reasoning. A memoir united with historical richness details his upbringing and life that was written long before thoughts of The Oval Office. Language can only be so lucky to form out of the mind of this brilliant author.