"Book On It"

I am reading “Sum It Up” by Pat Summitt with Sally Jenkins.

Even the Stars Look Lonesome: The way Maya Angelou recalls memory attracts her thoughts and experiences and attests to her conscious thoughts about not just culture but how people move in life. A read that is short packs the detail of this revered, humorous and wise author.

Salvage the Bones: Time can only feel as short as the events that occur in that span. A hurricane is brewing near the coastal town of Bois Savage, MI. Four siblings in their own experiences grow faster than a flash of lightning and face life that is beyond their age. Esch, fourteen and pregnant, is the thoughtful and mature narrator of this Southern comfort delightful and poetically rich novel by Jesmyn Ward.

Blood Bones & Butter: A funny memoir tracing Gabrielle Hamilton’s life from humble home beginnings with parents who through grand shindigs to difficult and complicated tongue-in-cheek relationships to success and grit in the restaurant business that all surround the aroma of mistakes and progress.